Self-assessment for Individuals

We will work with you to collate the necessary figures and evidence required to submit your self-assessment tax return to HMRC on time and provide advice on what you need to declare and ways the amount of tax payable can be minimised whilst remaining compliant.

Pension Compliance

Automatic Enrolment requires all UK employers to enrol qualifying workers into a pension scheme in which both the employee and employer contribute. Auto enrolment is currently being rolled in stages across the UK and our team can assist you in setting up the scheme, modifying the existing scheme and making any necessary changes to payroll in order to comply with the new requirements. We will also ensure that the submissions to the pension provider are made on a timely basis and as per the relevant rules and procedures.


The growing complexity of taxation and employment legislation has made administrating payroll time consuming, costly and burdensome. By outsourcing your payroll to us, our experienced team will handle all of your payroll needs and ensure all statutory requirements are met.